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28" x 14" x 13" - (estimate measurements as each cloud is unique in shape). Input Voltage 110-240v at 50-60Hz. Clouds are made on demand so please allow at least 12-14 working days for your order to be fully processed and ready for shipping. If applicable Local Customs, Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

On one hand, ‘Cloud’ is an Arduino-controlled, motion-triggered lightning & thunder performance. On the other, it is a music-activated visualizer and suspended speaker unit.”

Acting as both a semi-immersive lightning experience, or as speaker with visual feedback, this nightlight/nightspeaker hybrid introduces a new discourse for what a nightlight could be. Richard writes: “Advances in physical computing and interaction design hardware over recent years have created a new breed of smartobjects, which are gaining more and more traction in the design world.

The Smart cloud is the fully featured unit. Remote, Color changing lights, Speakers, motion detection & more.

For those desiring the aesthetic but not the price-tag the 'Lamp Only' option may be more suitable. This option features a powerful Philips LED bulb which provides plenty of sunshine.

The satellite cloud is a small 'aesthetic only' add on to your "Smart" or "Lamp Only' cloud and helps creates a more realistic sky environment.