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Wooden iPhone 5/5s Replacement Panels


After having my iPhone 5 for just over a week I walked into the corner of a desk with it in my pocket and smashed the top panel. Unfortunately I didn't buy Apple Care when I purchased the phone but after some investigating I found that the broken panel could be removed and replaced. After very carefully removing the remaining smashed pieces of glass with tweezers, I made my own wooden panel.

The panels are adhesive backed and come in four colors; Neutral, Cherry, Golden Oak & Red Oak. The wood is wax finished to make it water resistant and still retain its beautiful wooden tactility. Comes as a Set of panels - one top & one bottom.

Note: Please be very, very careful removing the existing panels, broken or not. The seller takes no responsibility for increased damage or the voiding of warranty to Apple products. Please note this is not a Kit, simply replacement panels.